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Roll Up

concept development & modeling

The futuristic food truck concept of Roll Up was developed over the course of ten weeks by a team of five industrial design students.

Roll Up aims to provide a more enjoyable food truck experience for it's work staff and customers alike through developments in manufacturing, sustainability, and equipment minimalism. Roll Up is prepped and ready to serve high-quality Japanese-Mexican cuisine.

Human Centered Design:

    The hook-shaped interior of the truck comfortably accommodates two sushi-burrito chefs and encourages an efficient kitchen work flow. A rice cooker is positioned between the work stations for both chefs to use, reducing on-site equipment, and refrigeration can be found underneath the work counters for easy ingredient access. 

    From the exterior, the custom shape of the truck facilitates a more intuitive food ordering and pick-up experience for customers. After placing their order on an interactive computer screen from the passenger seat window, food truck goers then walk along the side of the truck and are able to watch their food being prepared through a large wrap-around window as it's on its way to the pick-up window, which is located at the rear of the truck.  

Once a customer has received their food, they have the option to continue along the rear of the truck to dine either at the retractable wrap-around bar or at the "interior" bar, which is revealed when the truck's cabin is extended along a custom-built rail system. At this additional seating, customers can watch the chefs in action while they enjoy top-quality fusion cuisine. 

modeled in Rhino & rendered in Keyshot

For a closer look at the concept development process, check out Liz's Behance

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