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Oliver Bentley's

concept development & model renders

The Ollie B collection, a luxury dog accessory line, aims to bring convenience and style to pet owners and canines through ergonomic design and quality material sourcing. 

As a freelance designer in Savannah, GA, this  work became Liz's initial exposure to realizing the community to be found be through design.

Ollie B. Food & Water Bowls

The curved design of the food bowl is intended to accommodate the dog's natural head movement for a more comfortable meal time experience, while the form of water bowl allows for the two to be nested together when not in use, playfully mimicking the shape of a dog's paw. Additionally, the ceramic portions of the set can be easily removed from their wood bases for convenient cleaning, making for a happy pup and a happy human!

modeled in Rhino, rendered in Keyshot, & illustrated in Sketchbook Pro

Ollie B. Leash

modeled in Rhino, rendered in Keyshot, & illustrated in Sketchbook Pro 

The leather segments of this leash are broken up by metal rings, allowing owners to adjust its' length to accommodate various needs. The handle of the leash, which is indicated by it's cushioned, contrasting leather portion, can be unlatched and re-latched for adjustments. This convenience is further strengthened by its latch mechanism, which is designed for one-handed ease and makes going for walks hassle free!  

Ollie B. Waste Bag Dispenser

modeled in Rhino, & rendered in Keyshot

Bags can be easily loaded into the dispenser through a buttoned leather flap and conveniently pulled out. The leash-compatible latch offers owners convenient carrying and can be attached where desired. 

modeled in Rhino, & rendered in Keyshot

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